New customers visit your Landing Page. And leave.

I'll video-review your Landing Page. And send it within 24 hours

Is your Landing Page next? I'll analyze 20+ aspects of your page in order to optimize conversion. Not only will I tell you what to change but also why. So you will learn to make better landing pages.

✔️ Honest expert advise,  now for $47,-
✔️ 15 minute video review sent back in 24 hours
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Stop losing leads now

New customers visit you Landing Page and leave.  
Sounds familiar?
When you are able to turn visitors into customers, this means immediate revenue growth. When you make a perfect landing page you suddenly have a sales team that is working for you 24x7.

Paginas die goed converteren

De beste landingspagina leren configureren

Meet leads uit je marketingbudget

Continue leadgeneratie met optimale landing pages

Goed gevulde salesfunnel

Groei voor je bedrijf met voldoende leads

More then 52 Landing Pages reviewed in 2020


This is what you get for the temporary discounted price of €47,-

1. A video-review of your Landing Page

Within 24 hours I'll sent you the video-review with my advice, tips and tricks

2. Clear actionable expert advice

I will explain for each point of improvement what you should do and why

3. 100% satisfaction guarranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed or I will give a complete refund

✔️ Honest expert advise, now for $47,-
✔️ 15 minute video review sent back in 24 hours
✔️ 100% satisfaction guaranteed
✔️ In just 3 minutes of your time
✔️ Secured payment

Tim Kieft:

"Over 20 years I get in the skin of prospects

Many years I helped companies to be more succesful online. Leadgeneration doesn't have to be complicated as long as you follow a few simple rules. Now I'm ready to share these with you.

The result? More customers for your organization without extra investment in marketing.